Acupressure self-help guide for insomnia – a mobile App, now available free for iPad

Insomnia has many different causes. Whether the origin is psychological or physiological, sleeping pills are not an ideal treatment due to their side effects and the potential for addiction. This acupressure massage technique is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), time-tested with no side effects. It has helped many people regain the natural comfort of a good night’s sleep.

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There have been various sources in Chinese for this treatment – some ancient and some modern; some in writing and others as meridian-acupressure point diagrams; and even some as TV (health) talk shows…

• This App is your English language guide
• With brief intro of acupoints and sensations may be felt when stimulated
• Step-by-step, easy to follow instruction
• Five short video demos show you how to locate the acupoints
• Extra notes for preparation and chronic insomnia
• This App can be used anywhere – even at bedtime without internet
• Big sliding menu helps to locate info fast
• Very easy to use, just single-tap or swipe
*Please consult your physician before starting this self-help program

This iPad App is available free at the AppStore; you can find more info and screen shots there:

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Special thanks to photographer Dorothy Shi Studios and model Yoshiko Tamaki. We are happy to use modern technology to introduce something helpful from the ancient East to the entire world.


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Q: Do I really need to consult my doctor before starting this program?
Yes, since we don’t have knowledge of your body condition, only your doctor will know if there are other health issues that may be causing your insomnia, therefore you should consult your doctor first.

Q: How long will it take for me to feel the helping effect?
This acupressure self-help method will take several days of practice to start feeling the effects. In addition to accurately locate the acupoints, your persistence and patience are important too, please refer to “Additional Consideration” page in the App, your mind activities also can affect the result.

Q: Will this acupressure method work on everyone?
Insomnia can have very complex causes, some can be emotional, some psychological, some may be a symptom of other health conditions. Acupressure method is to work on the relevant acupoints and meridians, improving the internal flow of Qi, balancing the yin and yang, together with the meditative mindset and the slowing down of breathing, it creates an ideal body condition to help falling asleep.

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